5 Steps to Find Your Passion in Life

5 Steps to Find Your Passion in Life


While it might not be immediately obvious, we all have passion, or the capacity for having a passion in life. In order to find what your passion is, here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Be an Observer


There are huge clues in all of the things, people, situations and places you gravitate towards. Commit to taking a week, or even a month to experiment on yourself.


Keep a notebook or use a smart device that’s got note-taking capabilities. Every time you find yourself immersed in something, jot it down. When you’re feeling like you’re in your ‘element,’ that’s the time to make note of what it is that excites you. After a week or a month, you’ll have a fairly good idea of some of the things that you’re passionate about.


For example, if you find yourself admiring nature, or planting and enjoying it, capture that. You may just have a passion for gardening. Another example is if you find yourself reading a lot of material about how to do a particular thing. That may be a possible strong area of interest for you.

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